Save Collins High School

Friday, February 03, 2006


After a successful Town Hall meeting Thursday that included strong commitments of support from such leaders as Congressman Danny Davis, State Senator Ricky Hendon, Commissioner Bobbie Steele, and Chicago Teachers Union President Marilyn Stewart, the movement to save Collins High School, and the 3 elementary schools also facing closing, marches forward Saturday.

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On Saturday at 9:30am we will be attending the open meeting of the Rainbow/PUSH organization at 930 East 50th street. At this meeting we will try to garner their support for our movement to stop the closing of public schools, and share with them our hopes to begin a new dialogue on changing the system inner-city schools operate in .

Saturday night we'll be back on the airwaves at 8:30pm on WVON 1450 AM. There will be a couple of Collins Teachers on the radio discussing our issues with current events dj Mahogany Blue, and fielding calls.

Lastly, and most obviously, all of our eyes are now trained on the public hearing Thursday February 9th. We are preparing our speakers and our speeches and we plan to be ready to open both barrels on whomever the Board sends to face us. We are looking for as many supporters as we can get to come cheer us on. The session will go from 3pm to 6pm, and we encourage you to attend. The hearing will be on the 5th floor of 125 S. Clark in Chicago. If you would like to travel with the Collins crew. Our buses will be loading and leaving at 1pm from Collins High School (1313 S. Sacramento Dr.) ~ make a point to ride with us, or meet us there. We need to have solidarity on this issue from all across this city, so please come stand with us.


  • At 1:22 AM, Blogger El Sobrino Malo said…

    Ahhh. Those line breaks are looking nice!

    My eyes will get another break as I hear you will be doing a little radio on Saturday.

    The online link for the radio station is

    Per John, it's Saturday at 8:30p Windy City time.


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